Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Good morning, Sunset

As the Indiana Jones theme plays on...
Today, I share my second anniversary with my incredible wife, Michelle.  Yes, we got married on the dorky date of 10/10/10 - and let me tell you it makes remembering the date pretty damn easy!  The past two years have seen plenty of ups and downs already - and as I joked with her, we are clearly getting the 'for poorer' out of the way sooner rather than later.

When cast in the light of the past year, our wedding days seems like an eternity ago, when the biggest problem we seemed to have was not being able to buy EVERY video game that came out AND go out to dinner all the time.  Life has become much more intense at times, and others intensely mundane - but I'm so glad I've had Michelle with me every step of the way.  She's my wife, yes - but she's also my best friend and my biggest supporter.  

Sure, it was the only day we were able to gather such a rag-tag bunch of extraordinary people together to celebrate, well, US and we got all kinds of awesome food and attention that day, but it was also the end of one journey and the start of something completely different.  I'm beholden to her as she is to me and when one of us is down, the other always shares the burden as best we can - and she has out shined me in every way this past year.  I'm pretty damn lucky in that regard.  Not to mention that the very moment we kissed, the sun was in the the PERFECT spot to make our binding lip-lock seem downright explosive:

Yeah... it pretty much happens every time...
With all of that romantic stuff, you might thing the day was filled with nothing but kisses and flowers, candy, gifts and food - and you'd be mostly right.  I did a pretty damn good job of picking out my half of the wedding party, if I do say so myself:

Dave, Billy, Seth and Chris all beneath my balls.
There was a point before the ceremony when I was with the gentlemen above when one of Michelle's male friends from her time at Nossi College of Art approached us to find out where the ceremony was (as we were on a fairly large Boy Scout Reservation), and I directed him and the small crowd with him (Gabe and Eric were both in that crowd, I do believe).  As I walked back up to the chapel where the guys were waiting for me, they all wore slightly confused, amused and almost terrified looks across their over-dressed faces.  My brother, always the tactful one, asked "Hey dude - was that a dude or a chick?" to the utter enjoyment of my personal peanut gallery. 

Once the fine gentlemen escorted me back to the deck where the ceremony would be held, they led the parents and grandparents to their seats. A song that I had written for Michelle years before began to play, as a personal bridal march, from me to her - before we read the vows we had written for each other in front of our family and friends.

And at the end of the day, though, there was only my new wife and I driving home from a night I hope we never forget.



We've had some adventures before and since we were married - and I hope we share a life full of adventures to come.  I love you.

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