Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Episodic Music: The Great Red Eye Part IV


In the year 2900, mankind had reached the beyond the orbits of Neptune and Pluto on their slow march to the stars.  The Second Great Space age of man was coming to a close and massive shipyards were being completed on the skirts of the planetary solar system preparing for man's imminent exit to the unknown.  Finally, mankind was ready to set sail on the cosmic ocean.

Not a day passed, however, that didn't see every man, woman and child look towards the Sun, straining to catch a glimpse of a mote of dust, caught in some mighty beam of light.  Hoping to see that pale blue dot, one more time.

Image is of Earth, from the Pluto orbit, called "the pale blue dot."  Carl Sagan penned an essay by the same name, which is used in this piece of music.  Please learn more about Mr. Sagan's work and make a donation to the Planetary Society today!


Track is available for free download here!

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