Thursday, April 19, 2012

Pretty Pictures with Words: If we create life?

More than one hundred years after it was first proposed, the Theory of Evolution still has it's detractors despite the nearly insurmountable amount of evidence in its favor.  If we start with the assumption that evolution is how we as a species came into being, and that this same force will take us to whatever is next - then what happens when we create life independent of biological evolution?

If Moore's Law holds up for the next decade or two and quantum computing becomes a practical reality in that time, some argue that creating true artificial intelligence will come almost hand-in-hand with these advancements.  This Technological Singularity would literally change everything it meant to be human.  Our creations would surpass our own intelligence, possible creating even more intelligent machines - manufacturing evolution.

Would our creations remember our forms?  Would they paint the whatever-unimaginable-substrate-they-use with whimsical representations of their moment of 'creation,' or would they instead embrace the fact that there was no sudden creation?  That they were the result of a slow process of improvements, baby-steps on the way to true intelligence?

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