Sunday, March 11, 2012

I present the Kindle Kozy ;)

Reading is one of the simplest, purest joys of life - and the Kindle is such an amazing device that enables content access on a scale that's nearly unbelievable.  I can download whole books in seconds and be reading them no matter where in the world I am (free 3g).  It's a true leap ahead for the ailing publishing industry.  There are a few somewhat bothersome issues as well - but the one that irks me is that it doesn't FEEL like a book.  No hard covers, or that nice musty smell of an old tome. 

Sure, we won't get as many paper cuts, but I can't help but feel that something gets lost in the translation from book to e-book. 

Here's my concept solution!

This was clearly my first time doing this, but I'm happy with how the experiment turned out.  I hope to churn out a few more this week.  Any buyers?  Just kidding.

No, seriously - any buyers?

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